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  1. Bottom of the Ninth, an animated graphic novel must-see!

    Hey legions of cool stuff fans!  I have something for you that’s pretty damn cool.  You simply must check out this new animated graphic novel, Bottom of the Ninth.  It’s one more reason to get the new iPad with its Retina display so you can see this app in all its glory.

    The Story:

    Set 200 years from now, the game of baseball has evolved into a rough gladiator-type event which sports a vertical infield and artificial gravity to enhance the danger of the game. The epic story starts now with the first app, PROLOGUE, which will set up the characters and the world of Tao City. Subsequent apps will follow developing the story deeper and deeper into a young 18 year old female protagonist.

    Candy Cunningham is born with a phenomenal athletic ability and a hot head! Her father, Gordy Cunningham is an aged major league New Baseball player who’s athletic abilities have atrophied into a crowd pleasing clown act. Candy’s incredible ability to pitch the fastest pitch in history lands her in the celebrity seat among a New Baseball crazed culture of sports endorsements, advertising, and strategic manipulation.

    Ryan Woodward and team did an incredible job on it.  I’m seriously awed by the quality of this animated novel.  You can watch the trailer for Bottom of the Ninth on YouTube right here

    And in case you were wondering, nope they’re not a client.  I’m just a new fan sharing some cool news.

  2. What is hoodie? Nom Nom!

  3. Pandora has changed!

    For those who know, I’m a big Borderlands fan so I felt the need to share the latest trailer from Gearbox Software.  They’re a local flavor here in Dallas so we’re showing our support here at FiftyOne Marketing!  Well played Gearbox .. well played!

  4. Year end is nigh .. that was fast

    2011.  It is almost gone now and I often wonder where it went??  I can’t even remember it getting started to be honest.  I hope the lot of you are doing well.  It’s not secret we’ve dipped our hands in new ventures that are seriously taking a lot to process.  Some of you have figured out the riddle and to that I say .. impressive.

    It should launch before the year is up I hope.  I need to see the best way to approach it and that has of yet eluded me.  I’ll report back from the vault when I know of a release date.

  5. What is this … took others a year to find out!