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  1. What is hoodie? Nom Nom!

  2. Pandora has changed!

    For those who know, I’m a big Borderlands fan so I felt the need to share the latest trailer from Gearbox Software.  They’re a local flavor here in Dallas so we’re showing our support here at FiftyOne Marketing!  Well played Gearbox .. well played!

  3. Year end is nigh .. that was fast

    2011.  It is almost gone now and I often wonder where it went??  I can’t even remember it getting started to be honest.  I hope the lot of you are doing well.  It’s not secret we’ve dipped our hands in new ventures that are seriously taking a lot to process.  Some of you have figured out the riddle and to that I say .. impressive.

    It should launch before the year is up I hope.  I need to see the best way to approach it and that has of yet eluded me.  I’ll report back from the vault when I know of a release date.

  4. What is this … took others a year to find out!

  5. Did you get it yet?

    My secret that is …. just wondering if you have gotten it yet?  If you’re on The List, you will very soon.  Glad to have everyone out there still rolling and flipping the dice with us.  We’ve been tasked with representing the community in a way that no other marketing team does and we take that very seriously.  All of the Invasions, surprises, fun virals … we’re ramping up a mad delivery of everything you’ve come to love about us!

    Stay tuned my dear aliens … stay tuned!  Here’s a tease of an exciting project we’re working on alongside some very talented people.

    First to guess what this is and who we’re working with gets some awesome sauce!